Location Type Description Amount
Glens Falls, NY Refinance 6 Unit $168,000
Chicago, IL Refinance, Direct MF $269,000
Chicago, IL Refinance, Direct 10 Unit $330,000
Panama City, FL Refinance Condo $370,000
Corpus Christi, TX SBLC Issuance Renewal $7,000,000
Glens Falls, NY Acquisition Blanket (34) $1,507,500
Yonkers, NY Acquisition 50 Unit $3,296,000
Houston, TX Refinance SFR Ground Up $96,000
Corpus Christi, TX SBLC Renewal Beef/Packing $6,500,000
New Britian, CT Purchase, Direct Loan Multi-Family $241,500
Chicago, IL Refinance, Investment Multi-Family $105,000
Troy, NY Refinance, Direct Loan Mixed Use $160,000
London, UK SBLC Issuances (2) Financial Svcs $3,800,000
Conroe, TX Refinance, Direct Loan Commercial $277,000
St. Augustine, FL Refinance, Investment SFR, Ground Up $231,400
West Haven. CT Purchase, Direct Loan Multi-Family $165,000
Glens Falls, NY Purchase, Investment 4 Unit $150,000
Albany, NY SBLC Issuance Holding Company $500,000
Villa Park, IL Refinance, Bridge Residential MF $300,000
Chicago, IL Refinance Commercial Bldg $700,000
Corpus Christi, TX SBLC Issuance Beef/Packing $7,000,000
Brooklyn, NY Refinance, SBA Loan Insurance Co. $325,000
Melbourne, FL Purchase, Direct Loan Retail $399,900
Malden, MA Refinance, Direct Loan Multi-Family $386,000
Houston, TX Refinance Warehouse/Office $450,000
Conway, AR Refinance, Direct Loan Warehouse/Retail $350,000
Corpus Christi, TX Issued SBLC Processing Plant $3,500,000
Utica, NY Blanket Refinance 9 Properties $347,000
Houston, TX Refinance Strip Mall $448,500
Utica, NY Refinance 6 Unit $81,000
Humble, TX Purchase, Direct Loan SFR $90,872
Miami, FL Blanket Residential $400,000
Warrensburg, NY Refinance Restaurant $280,000
USA Various Small Business Loans 4th Quarter 15 $270,000
Saratoga Springs, NY Bridge SFR Trophy Home $2,000,000
Pine Plains, NY SBA Purchase Auto Repair $263,500
Amsterdam, NY Refinance, Direct Loan Self Storage $300,000
Brooklyn, NY Refinance 8 Unit $900,000
La Vega, DR Acquisition Lodging $450,000
Miami, FL Refinance NIV $200,000
Lake George, NY Acquisition Conventional $290,500
Bronx, NY Refinance Warehouse, Non-Recourse $2,000,000
Saratoga Springs, NY 10 Day Start to Finish Luxury Condo $550,000
New Orleans, LA Investment Residential Hard Money $215,000
Albany, NY Refinanace Mixed Use $255,000
Glen Cove, NY Refinance Church $350,000
Santo Domingo, DR Refinance Penthouse Apartment $100,000
Managua, Nicaragua Commercial Equipment Lease $786,000
Ft. Edward, NY Refinance 24 Units, Hotel $288,200
Bronx, NY Refinance Multi Family $225,000
Saratoga Springs, NY Business Loan Luxury Real Estate $812,500
Brooklyn, NY Refinance 5 Unit $414,000
Santo Domingo, DR Refinance Blanket $2,445,000
Santiago, DR Box Loan Land $120,000
Washington, DC Refinance Apartments $2,500,000
Glens Falls, NY Refinance, Hard Money 14 Day Closing $348,000
Albany, NY SBA 504 Commercial $499,000
San Juan, PR Refinance Development $14,000,000
Bayshore, NY Refinance 5 Unit $414,000
Santiago, DR Refinance Land $120,000
Milwaukee, WI Short Sale Multi Family $1,495,000
Comstock, NY Refinance 14 Day Close $348,000
Washington, DC Refinance 10 Unit, Multi Family $2,500,000
Albany, NY Purchase SBA 504 $499,000
Queensbury, NY Refinance NIV, 17 day close $300,000
Troy, NY Purchase Mixed Use $262,500
Utica, NY Business Loan SBA, Working Capital $150,000
Lake George, NY Refinance Hotel, w/SFR $192,500
Albany, NY Purchase SBA 7A $298,000
Lake George, NY Hard Money Refinance Private Finance $364,000
Kingston, NY Blanket Refinance Hard Money Situation $341,400
Minneapolis, MN Purchase Retail $315,000
Becker, MN Blanket Refinance Restaurants/Office $3,550,000
Schenectady, NY Rehab Project 7 Unit $218,400
Waterford, NY Refinance Mixed Use $340,000
Glens Falls, NY Purchase Office Building $150,000
Washington, DC Refinance 20 Unit Apartments $2,000,000
Lake Placid, NY Refinance Mixed Use $260,000
Castleton, NY Factoring Line Manufacturing Company $600,000
Albany, NY Purchase-5 Unit No Documentation $147,200
Port Lavaca, TX Refinance Beach Niteclub $160,000
Cairo, NY Spec Home Financing New Construction $234,000
Newburgh, NY Refinance 28 Unit $1,425,000
Albany, NY Refinance/No Documentation Single Tenant $157,500
Fall River, MA Refinance 6 Unit $225,000
Broadalbin, NY Refinance Blanket Mortgage $227,500
Bolton Landing, NY Refinance Mixed Use $325,000
Mine Hill, NJ Refinance Medical Office $440,000
Castleton, NY Commercial Lease Used Equipment $75,000
Cambridge, NY Refinance 5 Unit $176,000
Ticonderoga, NY Refinance 8 Unit $130,000
Albany, NY Private Mortgage Auto Repair $60,000
Kerhonkson, NY Purchase 12 Unit $289,600
Ashland, NY Refi-Land Contract Mobile Home Park $300,000
Queensbury, NY Business Line of Credit Contracting Company $25,000
Ticonderoga, NY Purchase Mixed Use $117,600
Castleton, NY Refinance Warehouse/Office $1,475,000
Delmar, NY Refinance Apartment Building $250,001
Broadalbin, NY Refinance Private Mortgage $150,000
Troy, NY Purchase Mixed Use $144,000
Bronx, NY Refinance Retail/Auto $400,000
Cortland, NY Refinance Used Auto Sales $188,000
Illion, NY Blanket Refinance Multi Family $139,100
Amsterdam, NY Partner Buyout Deli $120,000
Schenectady, NY Refinance Steakhouse $144,000
Clifton Park, NY Blanket Refinance Warehouse $325,000
Amsterdam, NY Purchase 80%LTV Gas Station $200,000
Schoharie, NY Purchase, 21 Day Close Mixed Use $250,000
Albany, NY Purchase Apartment Building $277,500
Scotia, NY Refinance Auto Body Repair $160,000
Fall River, MA Purchase O/O,Mixed Use $884,000
Niagara Falls, NY Refinance NIV, Office Building $100,000
Burlington, VT Refinance Apartment Building $520,000
Syracuse, NY Refinance Warehouse, Stated $137,500
Brooklyn, NY Refinance Multi Family, Stated $125,000
Chester, NY Purchase Tavern & Apts $420,000
Hudson Falls, NY Refinance Light Industrial $171,500
Watervliet, NY Purchase Tavern, 80% LTV $100,000
Lake George, NY Refinance Mixed Use, Stated $272,000
Fall River, MA Refinance 6 Unit $195,000
Rosendale, NY Refinance 6 Unit $259,000
Schenectady, NY Refinance/Land Contract Mixed Use $143,250
Clifton Park, NY Refinance Vet Hospital $825,000
Lake George, NY Refinance Restaurant $550,000
Las Vegas, NV Purchase Office Building $780,000
Brooklyn, NY Purchase Multi-Family $281,250
Highland, NY Refinance Mixed Use $100,000
Johnstown, NY SBA Purchase Gas Station/Deli $197,000