stephenStephen C. Frank
President & CEO

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 105
Stephen has been involved in the field of Real Estate Financing since 1999. He formed CMN Funding in 2003, focusing primarily on projects in the Northeast, prior to expanding to an International market in 2008. As owner, Steve counts underwriting as one of his main responsibilities; he knows how to look at a deal to determine its viability and direction. He prides himself on his work ethic and takes his responsibility to each client very seriously. Steve enjoys building relationships with people within the commercial finance business and looks forward to continuing to establish CMN RE affiliates throughout United States and Latin America.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
Partner, CMN Real Estate
Partner, CMN Business Consulting & Advisory
Real Estate & Publishing Investments
Local Politics in Albany NY Area
International Travel
Football and Baseball

amy-jAmy Johnson
Managing Director

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 108
Amy has over ten years of experience in commercial lending, from engaging prospects to closing loans, and is adept at accessing individuals and companies in the need of financial business solutions. Her responsibilities at CMN include originating loans, managing freelance referral sources, and recruiting business development officers for new territories in the Northeast Region of the United States.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
MS, State University of Albany
Prior to joining CMN, Managing Director of Commercial Lending at Wilber National Bank
Resides in Clifton Park, NY
International Travel & Cuisine
Running & Fitness

DomDominic Gilbert
Underwriter, Large Balance Transactions

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 112
Mr. Gilbert was born, raised, and educated in England. He moved to the United States in 1956, but continues to travel throughout Europe and Asia for both business and pleasure. Before joining the CMN Team in 2008, Dominic enjoyed careers in both retail banking and retail banking, accounting, and management consulting. His second career was for the largest Accounting & Consulting Firm in the United States, where he reviewed and maintained securities portfolios for high net worth bank clients. Dominic’s primary function within CMN Funding is to assist with the underwriting of the large balance (over $2.00M) transactions. In addition, he is the Managing Partner of CMN Business Advisory & Consulting, which handles business plans, press kits, feasibility studies, business consulting, and advisory services.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
Managing Partner, CMN Business Consulting & Advisory
President, Uplands Business Group
MBA in International Business, London University
Resides in Albany, NY
Aerospace & Aviation
Green Energy Systems

francisco-pieraFrancisco X. Piera
Underwriter, Small Balance Transactions

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 106
Born in Los Angeles, California, Francisco has lived and worked in both the United States and Venezuela. He started his career in real estate before studying finance at LSU in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. For three generations, Francisco and his family have worked in real estate construction, development, financing and investments in the United States, Venezuela and Latin America. In 2013, Francisco brought his strengths and skills to CMN, and has since become a valuable member of the staff. He is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and enjoys working on funding transactions in Latin America. Francisco is very committed to his faith; he is especially passionate about the non-profit organization he created to help the less fortunate develop the good values they can use to improve every aspect of their lives.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
Family and friends
Camping and outdoors
Horses and sports
International Travel

devona-martinDevona Martin
Commercial Loan Officer

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 307
Devona has over 15 years in the mortgage financing industry. She has worked with numerous mortgage brokers, real estate agents, and retail mortgage customers. She is well-versed in both commercial and residential lending. Her specialty is to ensure that she provides all of her clients with attentiveness while staying committed to securing the best possible options for their loan needs. Her responsibility at CMN is to originate commercial loans.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
BA in Psychology, Liberty University
Certified Fitness Instructor
Travel & Cuisine
Salsa Dance Instructor & Playing Piano

Dana Pickett Sr.
Commercial Loan Officer

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 116
Dana has over 16 years of experience in the field of real estate financing. His objective has always been to help people obtain the funding support they need. Dana was a proud member of the City of Albany Fire Department for over 20 years. His love of helping others and commitment to the community are still strong, as he continues to use his expertise to assist clients who are looking to improve their existing business or new ventures.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
Community Involvement
Hunting, Boating & Fishing
Family including 7 Grandchildren

Stephen Esp
Managing Director, Chicago Affiliate

Chicago, IL
(518) 435-1119 ext 306
Stephen brought over twenty years of experience as a trader and broker when he joined CMN’s Chicago affiliate office in 2016. His primary responsibility is to originate deals for commercial 1st mortgages, mezzanine debt, and preferred equity for his client’s real estate portfolio. His expertise includes debt portfolio management, sourcing of financing, raising equity for development projects, and loan structuring. Prior to his work as a commercial loan broker, Stephen worked as a Senior Trader for CME Group in Chicago.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
BS, University of Utah
MBA, DePaul University
Avid Golfer & Sportsman
Family including wife & 3 daughters

Guillermo Retis
Managing Director, Las Vegas Affiliate

Las Vegas, NV
(518) 435-1119 ext 308

Guillermo brought over fifteen years of experience as an Economic Analyst Trader and International Real Estate Financier when he joined CMN’s new Las Vegas affiliate office in 2017. He completed his Pre-professional studies in Economics and Post-graduate studies in Finance and Sales Management. Originally from Peru, Guillermo’s is extremely knowledgeable about Latin America economies. His international work experience includes providing economic and financial advice to companies such as Inchcape, Ford, John Deere, Toyota, Honda, and Real Estate Brokers and Bankers working with Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile and Costa Rica. Most notably, Guillermo was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of Inchcape PLC, a multimillion-dollar global corporation. Guillermo is a strong voice in Nevada’s Hispanic community, and is frequently interviewed by national and local Spanish media networks. Guillermo received the U.S. Congressional Recognition for his work assisting the U.S. Department of The Treasury – IRS Collaborative Program and was awarded the U.S. Senatorial Recognition for his involvement with the Hispanic Community. Since 2013, Guillermo has served as Official Delegate for the State of Nevada Trade Mission to Mexico. In 2014, Guillermo was honored with the “XIX TUMI USA AWARD 2014” as the Professional of the Year in Nevada. Guillermo’s extensive knowledge and expertise make him a valued member of the CMN team.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
International Travel
Advisor to the Colombian Chamber of Commerce.
Founder President of the Peruvian Chamber of Commerce
Family including wife & children

Frank Acosta
Managing Director, Miami Affiliate

Miami, FL
(518) 435-1119 ext 309

Frank brought over fifteen years of experience as a Risk Management & Finance Consultant to CMN’s Miami affiliate office when he joined the company in 2017. Prior to obtaining this current position, Frank worked closely with CMN President Stephen Frank since 2014 on a referral basis. Currently, his primary responsibility is to market and grow the CMN brand in South Florida. His expertise includes risk management, finance, raising equity for development projects, and loan structuring. Frank Acosta is also the President & CEO of The Risk Management Group, which is a national property and casualty insurance brokerage firm.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent
Licensed Life, Health and Annuities Agent
Licensed Surplus Lines Agent
Community Involvement
Family, including wife & children

sandySandra Lipman
Administrative Assistant & Closing Coordinator

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 115
Sandy joined CMN in 2007, after working for over 30 years in the field of education. She currently oversees many organizational functions within the company, including working with attorneys on outstanding closing stipulations, document preparation, and billing. Sandy is a loyal member of the team, participating in all administrative areas of client relations.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
Registered NYS Notary Public
Resides in Colonie, NY
Pilates & Family

Sarah E. Barone
Executive Assistant to Stephen Frank

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 103
Sarah joined CMN in 2017. Before joining the CMN Team, Sarah enjoyed careers in the Facilities Maintenance Industry, Residential Funding and Real Estate. Sarah has exceptional communication skills, strong client relations and truly enjoys helping people in both the workplace and outside of work. Her responsibility at CMN is to assist Mr. Frank with originating commercial loans and to help assist all clients by securing the best possible options for their specific loan needs.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
Graduated from Massage Therapy School and practiced Massage Therapy
Proud Mother of two boys ages 7 and 3
Resides in Latham, NY
Born and Raised in Colonie, NY
Enjoys spending time with family & friends, shopping, traveling and vacationing at the beach

Joslyn Dauphinee
Affiliate Sales Assistant

Albany, NY
(518) 435-1119 ext 117

Joslyn brings 20 years of experience in sales support and customer service to CMN Funding. She has previously worked with several large global corporations such as GE and Xerox. She joined the CMN team in 2017 as an Affiliate Sales Assistant. Her main responsibility is to support the Affiliate Sales Team in their efforts regarding client follow-up, originating commercial loans, document preparation, and ensuring overall quality and high standards. Joslyn is committed to ensuring a positive customer experience. She is originally from Toronto, Canada and has been a resident of Upstate New York for the past 9 years.

Other accomplishments/affiliations/interests include:
Mom of two amazing boys
Avid lover of books
Sailing, Boating, Running
Local animal shelter volunteer
PTA volunteer
Resides in Scotia, NY